The Neglected Husband

There are some women much more thrilled with the idea of a husband than the actuality, and they might be much more interested in their money than their presence. These are cold women who are not really connected to the person they married, but they often have faithful husbands trying to attract their attention. Cheating is still wrong, but some of these men will eventually choose comfort in the arms of another woman. Being neglected at home, they find there are those who will listen to them while they physically comfort them.

It could be said it is the woman’s fault that her husband has strayed, but many of these men knew she was not really interested in the first place. Their hope was that she would change once they were married, and there are spouses who have tried to force the issue over the years. Their lack of success might not have daunted them for decades, but they eventually found someone else.

For a neglected person who has chosen to find comfort with someone else, their current wife might have lost any hold on them. Her lack of interest could eventually make them choose divorce, and she could become the biggest loser in the situation. Even if the couple has children, he might be tired of the neglect. Her lack of respect for him might also be transferred to their children, and that fact alone might push him into finding someone else.

Few men in this situation are actually looking for a lover, and many of them fall into the situation when seeking a confidante. It begins innocently enough, but they eventually find they are doing what they never planned. Their lack of fidelity to a woman who does not want them could turn into a good relationship with one who enjoys spending time with them.