Choices to Make

When a person realizes their spouse is cheating on them, their first reaction is often anger at the betrayal. Things will settle down after as little as a few hours, and they might move on to grief that the relationship has not worked they way they believed. Once the first emotional turmoil recedes, they will realize they have choices to make. These will start with whether or not they are willing to continue their relationship, but they will progress to deciding which friends are worth keeping. Their entire life might change at that time, but it could be well worth the effort.

Some cheaters will claim they are still in love, and they may truly want their partnership to continue. The person who has been betrayed must decide if they are sincere, and they will want to find ways to test them. These are the first choices they will need to make if they want to continue the relationship. Those who are leaning toward divorce will only have to choose their legal counsel.

Friends and family are often aware a spouse is cheating, but they seldom let the betrayed partner know what is going on. They will make excuses that it is not their place, but it is still a way for them to assist the person doing wrong. The spouse who has been betrayed could look at their actions as hostile, and they will need to decide which friends and family members will remain within their circle.

It can be exceedingly hard to get through the first few days after realizing a spouse is cheating, but making the best choices for a better future is important. Leaving them for a hazy future time will give the cheater an opportunity to solidify their hold without making positive changes, and they could repeat their actions unless there are immediate consequences.