Earning A Second Chance

There are people who cheat all the time, but there are those who become caught up in events and make a mistake. They never meant to hurt their partner, and they want to continue their relationship. Forgiving them is difficult, and moving on is even worse. Cheating partners often ask for a second chance, and it can be a heartbreaking decision to give it to them. For those who are willing to do it, they are aware their heart might be broken again at any time.

Trust is one of the basics of any lasting relationship, and a person who has cheated has made the decision to break that trust. Someone who has done that must earn it again, and they should know up front that it will take a great deal of time. Their partner must remain firm, or they will find their heart breaking as the cheating begins again.

Partners who are manipulative might make a new commitment to their relationship, but it is only to keep what they consider theirs. If they have successfully cheated more than once, it is a game where they are the winners. Being a partner to this type of person is not a winning situation, so the decision to continue the relationship will often be based on factors other than trust. This is not the way a good relationship can be maintained, but many people would rather be in a bad relationship than be alone.

For those who successfully earn their partner’s trust again, they can still lose it if they are not careful. Being seen with a potential date or unexplained absences can affect the relationship far into the future. Their partner’s trust has been broken once, and it is even easier to lose hope for the relationship a second time. It might be best for both people to move on to other relationships as forgiveness is one of the most difficult emotional decisions any person can make.