When Everybody Else Knows

Once a significant other has been caught cheating, there is the fallout of finding out everyone else knew. This is a horrible feeling because the victim realizes no one was willing to tell them the truth. They feel foolish in many cases because they “should have known” something was going on. Unfortunately, this is not true. Many people who cheat do it on a regular basis. They have a system worked out and know that other people will not say a word to their significant other. Fortunately, there are a few red flags to look for in a dating relationship.

Dating involves a great deal of trust, especially when a couple lives together. Once the relationship has gone this far, most women believe men will not look at other women. This is untrue, and many men are arrogant enough to bring other dates home with them. They know the neighbors will never say anything. So, if neighbors who have been friendly in the past suddenly walk by, there is a problem. They don't want to be the one to say anything, but they have seen the truth. Pay attention to the neighbors, because their silence means something.

Long time friends have often been lost because of a cheating boyfriend. If they see something, they are likely to say something. Running into the boyfriend in a pub or bar with another woman might prompt them to call and ask where you were. If you were working, you might just dismiss it. If questioning your boyfriend leads to excuses, then it is time to let those doubts out into the open. He may be innocent and have just run into an old friend, but he may also be cheating.

There is no hard and fast rule on how to tell if a boyfriend is cheating. There are red flags that might pop up. Questioning him will take a strong will because nobody wants to believe someone they trust would cheat. Being in a serious dating relationship means trusting the other person. Just be aware that they don't always deserve that trust.