After the Thrill Is Gone

Whenever a dating relationship ends, people are hurt. Even if both people realize the relationship will never work, they have an emotional involvement. Breaking up means they have been deselected, and they feel tossed aside. Even when this is not reality, these are the emotions associated with ending a relationship. Many people vow to remain friends, but it can take years before the hurt fades and friendship is possible. Because of the hurt, many people stay in a relationship far longer than they should.

Not every breakup is one where the two parties have to fight it out emotionally, financially or physically. Some are quite civil, and eventually friendship returns to the pair. It is unfortunate when a couple cannot overcome their differences. This is real life, and people must realize that compromise and working on a relationship does not always make everything better. The fantasy of the perfect couple is just a fantasy. Nothing will change or get better after a good night's sleep. Breaking up is sad, but it will get better for both of them once they realize their relationship is over.

There are some people who simply do not cope well with ending a relationship. They cling, make excuses and stalk the other person. When this happens, it is dangerous for the person who wants out of the relationship. They may be forced to move and leave behind their friends and family to ensure their safety. Facing the breakup in this situation is not always possible. It may be best to just run rather than face the consequences of breaking up with a significant other.

There are many times when ending a relationship is a relief. For the woman who copes with a man that always promises something will be accomplished by next Tuesday but isn't, she will ultimately stop being frustrated. Time and again, she is angry with him. He always acts as if she should have forgotten his promise. He has no real intention of changing and simply believes she will eventually give in. Her relief will come when things get done, and she no longer has to listen to empty promises.